free firewood

Free Firewood

Quite often we have customers who do not want to keep the wood from their tree removal. Instead of taking all the unwanted wood to the dump, we can allow people to access it for their own use.

Get On Our Call List

Once we have completed a job where the wood is to be removed, we will start calling our firewood pick-up list.

The first person to answer their phone and commit to picking up the wood within the next three days gets it! There may be others on the list ahead of you, so availability is the key. You must have your own vehicle and commit to taking at least one vehicle load. It is to be picked up and hauled away by you, so having an extra hand on larger loads is recommended. The wood will be green, cut in to fireplace lengths and NOT split.

Future pick-ups

Once the wood has been picked up give us a call to confirm and let us know if there is any still left.

This will make you eligible for future pick-ups. If you are unable to pick up the wood after you have agreed to do so, you must call us or you will be removed from our list. Otherwise, you are welcome to as much wood as we can produce for you! If you would like to take advantage of our free firewood program, please contact us to be added to our firewood pick-up list.

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